Waitrose Car Park Temporarily Free/Waitrose to remain open till 6th September

We have been advised that from Wednesday 25th March 2020 the Waitrose/Dukes Walk car park will be free for up to two weeks in order to support both shoppers and to support the businesses that remain open and are located here. A Partner from Waitrose has advised us that the first hour of Waitrose opening … Continue reading this article ››

Waterlooville Supermarkets: No Toilet Roll! Coronavirus/COVID-19

Meanwhile at Sainsbury’s (and other Waterlooville Supermarkets) residents have panic bought all of the toliet roll and tissues due to the threat of COVID-19 / Coronavirus. Speaking to the checkout team, residents have piled up trolleys just with loo roll. Yes – a whole trolley just of loo roll. Fingers, and legs crossed, the packing … Continue reading this article ››