£100 Waterlooville Wickes/Topps Tiles Overstay Parking Charges

The Rockville Retail Park location of Wickes and Topps Tiles in Waterlooville has installed an Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera. The ANPR camera is used to track the duration and the times at which drivers park their car at the Rockville Retail Park. The Maximum stay is now 90 minutes, no return within 1 … Continue reading this article ››

New ownership for Waterlooville’s The Boulevard Precinct

is now under new ownership, the new owners got in touch with us to tell us about the improvements they have made to area since purchase. The new improvements includes re-painting the fascia’s and planters, re-planting the planters, new lighting, and cleaning the street furnishings. We haven’t compared before and after photos, but does look … Continue reading this article ››