Curzon Rooms in Waterlooville Precinct

The Curzon Rooms in Waterlooville was a popular Cinema during the 50’s, as the golden age of cinema passed it’s role changed to Dance Hall and Function Suite. Closed during the 2000’s due to disrepair, various schemes were tried to bring back the Curzon Rooms to Waterlooville Precinct. Then, in September 2012 the Curzon Rooms … Continue reading this article ››

Countrywide Store Closure

Our local Countrywide Store closed this month which has meant that we’ll no longer be able to purchase our chicken feed from our preferred supplier.  The nearest store is approx 25 minutes away – so I guess we won’t be able to redeem the Customer Loyalty Points on our reward card.  

The Waterlooville Bandstand

As part of the 2012 renovations of Waterlooville precinct, a ‘bandstand’ was erected. The bandstand is used as a smoking shelter by visitors to the precinct as a ‘smoking shelter’ when it rains, as a result the pavement around the bandstand is often littered with cigarette ends.

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