Costa Coffee Cowplain Open

To conclude our earlier stories on the former location of DanceFit Central, the new Cowplain Costa Coffee has now opened and looks smart both inside and out. The scaffolding above Costa is for the three flats being built above the coffee shop.

New Costa Coffee Cowplain

A new Costa Coffee is coming to Cowplain. The new coffee shop will go into the new retail units being redeveloped on the former site of DanceFit Central. The new Cowplain Costa Coffee will competing against Nico’s Deli and Heidi’s Patisserie. Is time to rename Cowplain village to Coffeeplain? (P.S. Cowplain Evangelical Church next to … Continue reading this article ››

Cowplain’s KFC has re-opened

Citizens of Cowplain, Horndean and Waterlooville may rejoice in the knowledge that Cowplain’s Kentucky Fried Chicken has reopened. The Cowplain KFC closed suddenly in February this year, a number of theories were forwarded as to the closure, the truth is out there (somewhere). Let there be Fried Chicken. Nom nom …

KFC Cowplain Closed

Cowplain’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, located on the A3 near to The Spotted Cow is closed. When taking the photograph of the store, I noticed that many of the roof tiles had been displaced and some were missing, could this be the reason for the closure? The Cowplain KFC is located in one of village’s older … Continue reading this article ››

DanceFit Central Cowplain Closed

DanceFit Central located on Cowplain high street has ceased trading. The businesses, DanceFit Central Limited, has entered Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. A Creditors Voluntary Liquidation can take place when a company cannot pay its debts. Proceedings to wind up the company are currently taking place, if you believe are owed money by DanceFit Central Limited and … Continue reading this article ››