Electric Vehicle Chargers replaced at the Waterlooville Sainsbury’s

For the last year the four Electric Vehicle chargers located in the Waterlooville Sainsbury’s have had numerous reliability issues, this has resulted in electric car drivers having to wait or recharge their vehicles elsewhere. A few weeks ago the recharging posts were replaced, these new posts are Smartphone App enabled,  this means that electric vehicle … Continue reading this article ››

Sainsbury’s Waterlooville: Free Fuel for all EV Customers

Did you know that Sainbury’s Waterlooville provides free fuel for all EV Customers? What is an EV … that’d be an Electric Vehicle, no it’s not just Milk Floats that runs on batteries. EV vehicles vary in size. One of the largest EV’s currently available in the UK is the 1.8 tonne Chelsea Tractor also … Continue reading this article ››