Planning Permission Denied: 9 Flats on former Colonial Bar/Good Intent site

The Colonial Bar closed in November 2015, the leaseholder was unable to negotiate an extension of their 10 year lease with the site owner. The site is owned by The Wellington Pub Company. As documented on this blog a number of local businesses came forward to offer to take over the Colonial Bar but were … Continue reading this article ››

New & Revamped Horndean Play Park Jubilee Field

The Jubilee Field Play Park in Horndean has been completely revamped and includes a brand new section for older children. The Jubilee Field Play Park is not to be confused with Jubilee Park in Waterlooville; Jubilee Field is in Crouch Lane which is just off Catherington Lane, Horndean. This park is owned and maintained by … Continue reading this article ››

No Good Intent for Horndean’s Colonial Bar – Demolition in Progress

I am sorry to say there is No Good Intent for Horndean’s Colonial Bar from the landowner; despite a number of businesses offering to take on and renovate the building the landowners have gone ahead with demolition of one of Horndean’s most visible +180 year old iconic structures. Back in the 1970’s the Colonial Bar … Continue reading this article ››

Demolition go ahead for Horndean’s The Good Intent/Colonial Bar

In May 2015 we reported that the Colonial Bar in Horndean was to close, then in November 2015 we reported that the owner of the building wanted to demolish the site. We are sorry to tell you that East Hants District Council has given the go-ahead for the demolition of Horndean’s 185 year old The … Continue reading this article ››