Do you remember when this was……a Tesco?

Do you remember when? I’ve lived in Waterlooville since the early 1980s and Steve’s lived in the area all his life so we’ve seen a few changes over the years. I’m not sure if this shows my age or that many things have changed! We have decided to start a little series on About Waterlooville … Continue reading this article ››

Expect Delays! Waterlooville’s Maurepas Way has roadworks for 10 Weeks

On our excursion to Waterlooville’s Food and Drink Festival we noticed a few signs regarding more roadworks about to commence on Waterlooville’s roads. Added to the road works already under way by the new Sainsbury’s store, it looks like Maurepus Way will be subject to them to. This will most probably bring the roads around … Continue reading this article ››